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Descripción de Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game
Dive into the deep blue ocean and take control of a real shark in this awesome animal sim! Meet your new virtual pet that will become an evil underwater killer predator! Transform it from a defenseless baby shark into a legendary sea creature that everyone fears. Explore the dangerous world encountering scuba divers, ships, and other fish. Hunt and attack all of them. Kill and eat, don't let anyone survive - it's your dinner time! Upgrade your hungry shark into an epic hunting sea monster! Idle Shark World is the ultimate beast simulator!FEATURES● Shark game hunting● Free to play action animal adventure● Beautiful infinity 3D world● Realistic environment● Ragdoll physics and authentic humans● Crazy Sharkando mode● 10+ seas and oceans● 1000+ different objects to eat● Idle mechanics with auto-swimming modeEAT!The shark is the bloodthirsty sea creature that devours everyone that crosses its path. The brave killer whale or hungry piranha cannot compare with its savagery and hunger. Control your sea dragon in this wild animal simulator. Terrorize the waters, hunt for survival, and come back with a full stomach. You can eat whatever you see in the ocean! Kill scared humans, scuba divers, fishermen, and resort vacationers. Swallow dolphins, whales, and seagulls. Munch boats, yachts, and container ships. Feed the monster: more victims, more fun!EVOLVE!Your idle shark must evolve to increase its power in the ocean. Remember that you are not the only predator in the coastal waters! Just click and grow, hunt and eat. Each sea beast has unique bonuses to increase your profit and strength. Evolve your fish into a great white shark, Megalodon, or hammerhead shark! They have monstrous 3D jaws to bite! Upgrade your monster's swimming speed, damage, and resistance levels. EXPLORE!There is no place your hungry shark won't go! Explore the beautiful underwater kingdom! Swim and examine the world both above and below the waves! Your hunting environment is endless: Jurassic dino universe, resort beaches, gulf coasts, and the open ocean! Rise to the challenge and take your shark to the sky! Eat planes with pilots and unsuspecting passengers! Devour spacecraft with brave astronauts! Keep the killing spree going even in outer space! The huge virtual 3D environment is for you to roam!UPGRADE!Want to create even more destruction and chaos? Upgrade your shark to increase its jaws strength and attack power. Get sharper teeth and grow your monster to eat more significant objects. Level up your beast to grow its speed and swimming velocity. Increase the health and attack damage of your hungry dragon. Earn better points to improve your shark game stats. Gain experience by catching and eating your prey. It will be a bloody mess!FIGHT!To unlock new locations, start a boss fight with a variety of enemies on your way. Let your sea monster brawl in the underwater battle arena! Attack surfers, boats, whales, dolphins, and other opponents to become the king of the ocean. Assemble the best squads of fish to win your opponents in this hungry shark attack simulator game! Complete your mission and destroy everything that comes your way for survival.ENJOY!Idle Shark World is a realistic fish simulator game. Just swipe your finger on the screen to move the shark. Attack plenty of people, fish, and ships. This ragdoll game is easy to control! Enjoy cool graphics, a lifelike environment, realistic water physics, and addictive gameplay. Get a thrill out of great music and sound effects. This shark simulator has everything you expect from a fun 3D sim game!Get ready to enjoy the best animal adventure game Idle Shark World! Take control of an angry and hungry fish in this aquatic feeding frenzy. Eat everything in your path. Evolve your beast to become a mega shark, the apex legendary predator. Survive as long as possible and explore fantastic new locations in this action shark simulator!

Acerca de Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game Mod APK:
Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game Mod APK es la versión mod de Android del juego Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game. La última versión para el Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game Mod APK es 4.6. El tamaño de Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game Mod APK es 80.05 MB. Lo sabemos Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game es desarrollado por . Y esta aplicación está llena de diversión para jugar. Con la ayuda de Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game Mod , Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game será más fácil para ti. La característica mod de la Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game mod es Entra en el juego para dar mucho dinero.. Descargar e instalar {original app title} aplicación mod para Android ahora!

Cómo instalar Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game Mod APK?
1.Necesitas desinstalar Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game versión original si la ha instalado. 2.Descargar Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game Mod APK en nuestro sitio. 3.Después de completar la descarga, debe encontrar el archivo apk e instalarlo. 4. Debe habilitar "Fuentes desconocidas" para instalar aplicaciones fuera de Play Store. 5.Luego puedes abrir y disfrutar el Idle Shark World - Tycoon Game Mod APK
Mod APK Información:
  • Nombre del paquete: com.Konsordo.IdleShark
  • Versión: 4.6
  • Tamaño del archivo: 80.05 MB
  • Actualizado: Jan 16, 2022
  • Versión mínima de Android: Android 7.0 (N)
  • MD5: 7EE7F54A482BD7E32745D89D65021263
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